Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Report: Dads Suck.

Dads Suck. Its documented. "Nearly half (48%) of working moms say they spend more time each day parenting than on their careers, more than double that of working dads (19%)," according to the “Moms Who Do More” National Report, commissioned by VTech.

Did I need a poll to affirm what I already knew?

Is the “Moms Who Do More” National Report a little biased?

What if the “Moms Who Do More” National Report came back with a result indicating that Dads do a lot more than Moms? Wouldn’t that invalidate its cause and debunk its existence and ruin their “Moms Do More” tee shirt and bake sales?

I told my wife about this report and she said to that she does 94% more than I do, both while working and at home. Period.

I’ll take 3%.

I think that is just below the national average based on the report, “Dads- Don’t-Give-a-Hogsass-about-a-Stupid-Poll-about-Something-as-Obvious-as Not-Putting-Enough-Effort-into-Parenting-as-Superior-Moms- everywhere.”

This report doesn't further suppress Dads. It embroiders a badge of honor and marginality.

We don't need validation. We just need to do enough so we can have the space and time to do things like smoke a cigar in the backyard or watch TV and play with our balls.

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  1. Dad's who are cunts like you suck. THAT is a fact.